COMPANY Theca was founded in milan in 1956. Further, in 1971, Theca moved its premises outside 
of Milan, in Turate (CO), in a new facility in an area of around 11.000 sqr meters.
Core activity of theca has been, since early stage, the development of thermoforming technolgy for production of containers, cups and lids in polystyrene material, especially 
for milk and dairy markets as well as other markets like ice cream and detergents.
Besides thermoforming Theca offset prints most of its prodution. Theca market lead arouse by offering a broad and vast item catalog, by reducing lead times and establish tailor made customer relationships and assistance. Production variety is followed with setting 
of high quality parameters in order to continously fullfill customer satisfaction.
Theca accomplishes ISO 9002 standards.